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Cindy Dolezal

Black and Tan

Specialties: earthenware clay beads and jewelry

Location: Texas

I have always loved the process of how things are made. When a friend invited me to the Sylvia Mae Kapitan Pottery Group I went along willingly. The first thing I made was a soap dish that looked like my four year old grandson could have made it. But the clay kept pulling me back. I loved getting my hands dirty and I loved taking this very humble piece of clay (mud really) and manipulating it with my hands and glazing it and not really knowing how it would turn out until it comes out of the kiln. We call it playing in the mud. I began seeing beads in the smaller pieces of clay. Soon I had these very interesting and sometimes beautiful beads to contend with. After much experimentation I began wearing my creations and, well, the rest is history.          

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