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MaryAnn Carroll

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Specialties: porcelain,stoneware,enamels, jewelry created handmade with handmade

Location: Homer,NY

I have been involved in some sort of creative works since elementary school.  My opportunities for growth were somewhat limited since I’ve been busy as a middle school special education teacher for 29 years and spent those same years raising my three children.  I have, however, been able to use some of my creativity within the classroom.  Today, I have 5 beautiful grandchildren. I could not have ever imagined how wonderful it is to be called Nonnie.

When I settled into my new home in the country with my husband, an artist his entire life and also an art teacher (now retired after 33 years), and our three dogs, I have been able to spend my free time creating again.   My creations began with making jewelry and grew into making beads to support my habit ;o) Now, I do both.

I also get much of my inspiration from a group that I started.  Our artists at Love My Art Jewelry create using various mediums.  Those mediums combined with ceramic beads make for some very cool, unique jewelry.  Each morning while adding my finishing touches to my outfit before heading out the door, I'm always proud to complete my fashion style with jewelry created using my own beads or those from other atists.  There is nothing like handmade jewelry created handmade beads and components.


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Belle Armoire Magazine

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