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Olivia Dowdy Brown

Fiber and Raku Necklace

Specialties: Raku and stoneware clay pendants & beads

Location: North Carolina/USA

For the past 10 years I have worked making stoneware pottery and raku jewelry. Just recently, I have started making my own Raku beads, buttons, and pendants. As I love this process so much, I have found it very hard to use all of these beautiful pieces that I make; therefore, I have started doing a few major beads shows to show and sell these precious little creations, ie, Bead and Button Show and Beadfest. I have an Associates of Fine Arts Degree from Sandhills Community College,  Pinehurst, NC and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Visual Art from the University of North Carolina, Pembroke, NC

I am a mixed Artist that works with metal, fiber, and clay. My creations include "Ceramic Sculpture or "Art Pottery" as I fondly like to call my work. I am not just a potter! Working with clay is a spiritural journey for me and it is with great joy that I offer my little works of art to my customers to find there own creative expression as they make jewelry for themselves and others.

Art is truly my passion! The clay is my canvass and my way of expressing my creative gift. My soul would be empty if I did not do Art!!!   I love what I do! I sure hope it shows!

Awards, Recognition, Articles:

Raku donuts featured in Beadwork Magazine June/July issue

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