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Marti Conrad

Tree Of Life Pendant

Specialties: Stoneware

Location: WV, USA

My name is Marti Conrad and I live in a small rural town in West Virginia that has been home for over 40 years.
My husband and I have been married for 35 years and I am child-free, a step mom to two great people and step grandma and step great-grandma to four beautiful girls.  I have a small dog and one cat and I adore them both!

The last few years I've been working in stoneware clay and I love every step in the clay bead process and willing to share what I can. I make beads and small jewelry components for jewelry makers and sometimes make things for friends. I do small fairs and set up locally to sell my stoneware pieces.

I have a small shop in Etsy that I have enjoyed very much.  I am planning on getting busy in just a few days after taking a few months off.  Tutorials are planned as well as some new work.  Thanks for your patience!

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