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You can see how our artists do what they do. Also how to incorporate these lovely jewelry making beads into your own jewelry projects for unique jewelry.  Get some inspiration learn a new technique.  Gain an understanding of the hard work that goes into these tiny works of art.

Ceramic is a broad term that encompasses all forms of fired clay products. The most common type of ceramic bodies that are used are:

Our Featured Artist Is

Golem Design Studio


Stoneware Beads and Pendants

Vladislav Ivanov & Kremena Ivanova,a Bulgarian couple, which produce highly detailed stoneware beads and pendants. They have over 15 years of experience in this area.   Living on a crossroad between Europe and Asia explains their eclectic interests and tastes.  None of the beads, pendants and or articles made by this artistic couple can be associated to any specific national tradition (Bulgarian or otherwise), but they don't deny that they are very interested in the ancient art. They find their inspiration in different ages and from different parts of the world. Some patterns are taken from the pre-Columbian art of Latin America, some include a pinch of Viking and Celtic art, or other pre-historic art, as well as adding something from themselves.

Awards, Recognition, Articles:

Bead Dreams 2011 - 1st and 3rd place in hand made beads

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Golem Design Studio's ETSY Shop

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