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Mari Carmen Rodriguez Martinez

Specialties: Porcelain

Location: Spain

I was formed for years in various potteries and little by little I was leaning towards the artistic ceramics, looking for a ceramic it could look and feel ... And on to the ceramic components for creating jewelry had only one step. "

"My pieces are varied and often use earthenware, stoneware and porcelain. Regarding enamels, the 80% of the glazes I used I do it myself , since I like researching and testing new glaze formulas.

I usually make my pieces using stamps carved plaster, that I make it myself. I Use each stamp in very few times and I always change something , the glaze, the pottery or the form, I never repeat the same piece twice because I have the intention of creating unique pieces.

I only aspire to do it better, to refine my technique and improve my glazes.

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