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Desiree Malan

Selection of Earthbutter beads

Specialties: Earthenware & raku beads

Location: South Africa

I'm a ceramic artist from South Africa and especially enjoy making one-of-a kind beads.  My beads are hand rolled without the use of molds and each bead is a small work of art.  I believe in social responsibility and Earthbutter beads were born to create income opportunities for (mostly) single moms from a disadvantaged community in my hometown.  The beads are designed by myself and hand formed by the beadmakers whereafter I glaze, fire and string the beads into jewellery.  Pendants, focal and speciality beads are made by myself.  The raku, unglazed terracotta and marble beads seems to be the most popular.  My personal favourite is the turquoise raku beads and terracotta/white 'marble' beads.

Earthbutter beads are popular with jewellery designers who are looking for contemporary, hand formed beads from Africa.  The look and feel of Earthbutter beads are 'slightly imperfect' - honest art from the southern tip of Africa.

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