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Tara Sartorius

Alabama State Capitol Dome Pendant

Specialties: Porcelain

Location: Montgomery, Alabama, USA

I work in porcelain and glass. I majored in Ceramics at the University of California Santa Barbara, and my MFA is in Sculpture and Art Criticism from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. For 21 years I was the Curator of Education at the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts in Montgomery, Alabama. I teach, write, raise two daughters, and make art as much as possible. I am influenced by beads from my childhood and the positive encouragement from my mother (who made stained glass panels) and my half-sister, Brenda Engel, who always had fun artistic things going on in her home. I love to teach, but I am not an ordinary teacher: I see learning as a shared process between all participants. Making and exploring art together is a joy.

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