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Cindy Kovar

Pottery and Mixed Media Bracelet Cuff Bead

Specialties: Earthenware

Location: Texas USA

Hello, I am in Cindy Kovar and I make and sell handcrafted pottery art beads made out of earthenware. My mud is from Austin Texas and I hand make all my beads in my tiny studio in College Station, Texas: so truly a Texas product.  I love the process of creating beads, forming them from mud to beautiful supplies for you to create with.  I love variety so I have lots of glaze colors and patterns to choose from.  I add new products all the time, and love a good challenge.  I try hard to keep the prices affordable so that those who use my supplies can make money on their creations.  One of my favorite things is seeing photos of what people do with my beads; it is kind of like seeing the kids all grown up.  I hope you Capture a Moment and Express your self with my pottery beads.  Your jewelry designs are one of a kind, shouldn’t your supplies be one of a kind too.

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Published Bead Artist in Bead Trends Magazine and Stringing Magazine

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