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Ceramic is a broad term that encompasses all forms of fired clay products. The most common type of ceramic bodies that are used are:

Our Featured Artist Is

Michelle McCaleb


Unique Stoneware and Porcelain Ceramic Jewelry

Susan Yeoman and Michelle McCaleb are ceramic artists that work together to create truly unique handmade stoneware and porcelain jewelry. Each piece of GullyBug Jewelry is carefully designed and created out of stoneware or porcelain clay, glazed and fired to become  wearable art.   No two pieces are designed and glazed exactly the same so when you wear GullyBug Jewelry it is truly as unique as you are!   


A note from Susan...

My interest in pottery began about 14 years ago when a potter of 30 years and her family moved from South Africa to our small town of Saltillo, Mississippi.  After meeting Antoinette in church and discovering she was a potter but had no immediate place to work, my husband  and I offered her the use of our cluttered barn as a makeshift studio.  She took us up on our offer and began throwing her beautiful porcelain pots, making it look totally effortless.  She would often fire these pieces in what she called “pit firings” out in our yard.  Thus began my journey into the world of pottery!    

Before three years had passed, Antoinette had moved into her own studio…and I was hooked.  I kept fooling around with clay, reading book after book and enrolling in workshops.  I fell in love with the way clay handles.  While I enjoy making pieces of traditional pottery as a hobby, over the past  7 years GullyBug Pottery has evolved into much more than just bowls and plates.  Since the first pair of earrings from stoneware clay, there’s been no turning back.  My best friend Betty Sandlin joined me in my pottery endeavor since the very beginning. She worked beside me through countless hours of trial and error that have made GullyBug Pottery what it is today. 

Michelle McCaleb is also a great friend who has been working with me  for the past 7 years. She began as GullyBug's Sales Representative and Website Designer.  Michelle quickly gained a passion and skill for working with clay.  She was a natural and jumped right into learning my techniques, creating new techniques, and creating unique designs for our jewelry .  Michelle and I are now business partners and together we are GullyBug Jewelry Design.   We love working together and are looking forward to designing and creating GullyBug Jewelry for many years to come!




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