Apothecary designs on porcelain pendants.

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Apothecary Designs

Apothecary Designs0
This photo shows two small porcelain pendants with apothecary designs by member Marsha Hedrick.  The apothecary designs are reminescent of the antique apothecary jars of the 18th and 19th centuries.  The terminology on the vessels is appropriate for the period.  These designs were done with underglazes on porcelain and then fired to cone 6.  After this first firing they were then glazed with a clear glaze and fired again.

The underglaze technique used on these pendants provides vivid colors and allows for very detailed designs with opaque colors.  The technique is similar to the use of underglazes on earthenware although the firing of underglazes on porcelain is somewhat trickier.  Some underglaze colors will not withstand the cone 6 temperatures so care must be taken in chosing the proper colors for use on porcelain.

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